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10. Juni 2011

Moving to Blogspot

So the other day I realized an interesting increase in my streaming stats. Suddenly over 200 daily streams from below twenty before which I've had for some months now. I think it's on facebook to take credit for this. Although I still refuse to participate in this network somehow it has reached me. At least there is another hint in my stats confirming this presumption. Maybe a reason to think about facebook again? Maybe another day. Anyway I tried to also have a look at my blog stats. Well, I realized there are no blog stats. And it got worse, in an ironic way at least.

The jamendo blog has some features, like shameless integration of jamendo widgets. And it lacks other features, like statistics, easy theme personalization, custom domain possibility or unrestricted widgets support. But what annoys me really the most is the missing spam prevention. While there are no comments from real persons I kind of receive 20 spam comments from robots a week. In a way they are marked but still have to be handled almost individually. Actually I think I have much less trouble with email spam these days.

I don't assume there will be a change in these state of affairs any time soon. At least that's what the incredible, sorry folks, jamendo coding support I experienced so far makes me think. Therefor, since I'm kind of a google boy, I decided to move my blog to blogspot. Will take a while, but be prepared, that sooner or later christofspanring.blogspot.com will be the place to come and relax at in sad and happy moments.

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