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3. Februar 2011

Back to Jamendo, hasta la vista AKM, GEMA, STIM

Over the past months (probably even years) I’ve had my doubts in how far to go with CC-music and therefor with Jamendo. Do I want to join AKM/GEMA/STIM or something similar, or do I want to have my music on the free side? It’s never been an easy question and I still don’t know the answer…

However, some months ago I decided to join STIM. Because it means free membership, it means collecting royalties worldwide, they still provide CC-NC-licences. I suppose most of you know the common trick used when  performing music? You send a list of some of your songs to your rightholder association and voila, you are paid double. Once immediately at the location, another time some months later for playing your own music in a public place. Well, it turns out that at least for theatre music and small productions the world is not that shiny. You don’t get a lot from AKM and besides you actually most of the time have to pay it yourself (means actually you get less than you pay). Why? Well, it’s quite common that the theatre charges the theatre group for AKM/GEMA-charges. So, if you are part of the group it’s part of the money you get. So, if you are part of the group, probably you would want everything to be GEMA-free if you have the choice…

Then again filesharing and so on. I personally don’t think filesharing is a crime. And I’d really prefer my music to spread over the world and to reach interested and interesting people over getting a bit of extra money. Anyhow I strongly prefer playing live instead of recording. So what the hell I say: Back to Jamendo. This time for real, I give it a try and I hope there will be readings, hearings, responses, whatever!

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