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24. September 2011

About My Ukulele

Until just about one year ago I did not have any whatsoever relation with chord-playing guitar-like instruments. This actually is not that strange if I think about what music for me mostly was as long as I can remember, namely melodies. At least in my mind I have always had this ongoing melodies of three or four parts. In this context character of some chord was mostly predestined by the root, which usually is done be some kind of bass. Thus when improvising roughly spoken instruments not playing the root would merely provide me with some rhythmical input.

It was about one year ago, that I stumbled upon Kate Micucci, actually by watching Scrubs. Kate Micucci performs some marvellous songs with Ukulele in there and I could not help but google her and watch some more youtube videos. One thing lead to another and I started playing Ukulele myself. While I occasionally experience the limits of this instrument, I still very much enjoy its simplicity and smallness.

So far I have already had the opportunity to use my Ukulele in our last years theatre production "Harald, das wilde Schaf". I surely have learned to listen to and understand chord playing instruments in this past year much better. At the moment I am even starting to learn guitar, where before I simply could not stand the sound of this instrument. Well, it will take some time still, but be prepared to be listening to some refreshing Ukulele songs in the nearer future.