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26. September 2011

About My Trombone

With the trombone I have a somewhat twisted relation. I really like its range and possibilities, I really like to listen to Albert Mangelsdorff, I also very much enjoyed a concert of the Conny Bauer Trio some years ago in Berlin. Originally I became aware of this instrument by visiting a concert of James Morrison in 1997. I purchased my own trombone while being member of the military orchestra of Upper Austria in 2000, but back then my aim was actually only to advance my breathing techniques for trumpet playing.

In 2005 I experienced the kickback of being thrown out of Jazz Conservatory of Vienna, where I had been studying for 2 years. Although I would never admit it, this resulted in a severe crisis and as of now I actually think that I tried to stop playing the trumpet. Anyway this was about the time when I also sincerely started playing trombone. And even though I joined some bands immediately I consider this instrument as the first instrument on which I am a fully self-taught artist.

Since I am not bound to any standard techniques while playing trombone I feel very free in concept, range and possibilities. Funny enough it was the trombone which also introduced me to Vienna Improvisors Orchestra, Theatre and the Looper, which I consider as my major musical impulses in the last few years. Since I am back to trumpet playing by heart now, most of the time my trombone stays at home, but it surely provides some very nice features...