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13. Dezember 2011

Atheism, Theism and Agnosticism

Being in conversation with anyone sooner or later the topic of spirituality pops up. Usually I think it is enough to state ones believes and maybe discuss interesting aspects or maybe just do the later. Some people however seem to believe to have conquered truth. In my personal environment these hard believers are surprisingly mostly atheists. Anyhow I have read and heard about theists of any kind, be it christians, muslims or jews, trying to crusade the world. Sometimes I am strongly wondering why these people take their believes so serious.

Of course theists would state that everybody should believe in their god to prevent burning in hell or similar, they justify their crusade with loving all humanity. Atheists on the other hand might believe that rationalism is the most important tool in the world and as such could prevent anything bad from happening, they justify their crusade as a crusade against inefficiency.

As of right now I actually think that anyone trying to impregnate his surroundings with his personal believes acts out of the same inner justification. Both, atheists and theists, actually want to show off their superiority, all they want is to be admired or part of something bigger than themselves. In some way of course also this text can be declared as such. In some way without actually being aware of it I might feel the need of patronizing the world.

The funny thing is that there will always be enough reason for crusade. Suppose all people actually believed in science only. I'm sure that soon enough they would be fighting over the proper use of spoons, efficiency vs. ergonomics or similar. Suppose all people actually believed in the same god. I'm sure that soon enough they would be fighting over the right time for prayer, the right way of wearing hats or similar. And as it is human nature these fights would and did turn bloody soon enough.

My personal advice to all these happy dudes out there is: stay calm. There is no need to convince anyone of your own believes. There will always be different kinds of weltanschauung. Neither theism nor atheism will ever be able to prove its point. Rationalism has revealed its limits with Gödel's Incompleteness Theorem in 1931. Theism will never be able to give a scientific foundation, otherwise the concept of faith would reduce to absurdity.

As there are incredibly many different people in the world, there are just as many different ideologies and only if someones ideology threatens your existence or your well-being I think it is necessary to talk things out...

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