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5. Februar 2011

Release, release, release me please

And here we go! “Trumpet Reincarnations” as well as “Images of a Madman” has finally been officially released to Jamendo!

I’m actually very happy about it and it feels pretty good. To get out of my four walls, to bring my work (oh endless, endless! work) to the public. Indeed I think both albums took one to two months just for production each. Although the approach is very different, well, let me just say a few words also comparing them.

Images of a Madman has originally been just the sidekick of a theatre production I was involved in. It was 2009 and I was in Berlin. The director, actor, all-in-one stage person for this monologue in the Russian Theatre was Dirk Sikorski. And I learned a lot. The music was played just by me and as far as I remember it should be possible to play it also live, without use of any samples. I used jack of course, sooperlooper, hexter, qsynth, fluidsynth, synthsubfx, my Boss BR-600 for recording and audacity for cleaning. There was surely also some mixer included, for sure some MIDI-keyboard and some soundcard, I’m not sure which, but it’s probably not that important. Well, speaking about computer I actually used Ubuntu Studio and I’m still pretty happy about the result. I’m pretty sure I used a Sure SM57 and a Sure SM58. And of course there was my trombone, my trumpet and my slide trumpet. The album actually is the story of the madman (diaries of a madman, Gogol) told by a musician.

Trumpet Reincarnations is some kind of concept album. There is something with the titles too, I’m pretty sure someone will guess the origins. But the main idea was to explore the possibilities of the trumpet, this time combined with live effects and loopers. So there was a Shure SM57 (a microphone), an Akai Headrush V2 (a looper pedal), a Zoom B2.1u (a pass effect pedal), a Digitech RP155 (a guitar effect and looper pedal), a Mackie DFX12 (a mixer) and a Boss BR-600 (for recording). And in between there was just me with my trumpet (no mutes). I spent around four weeks for recording and around four weeks for postproduction (again using audacity). It is still pretty fresh and although I’m planning to do a shortened release (26 tracks is quite a lot) I have no idea what to skip and what to keep for this. For now anyhow I like track number 25, Jesus the most, but that might as well change. Most of the tunes have been recorded in stereo and in one run, since the BR-600 can do only stereo. Sometimes I wished the audio to be split on more tracks but well, you gotta take what you got. And recording live was pretty important to me. Two tunes I had to record in two runs because I’d have needed an additional looper to support my idea. One tune had to be finished with audacity for technical reasons, the concept needed it, guess which! Since this album is so fresh I’d be very glad for comments…

So I think that’s it for today, stay tuned in!

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