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15. Januar 2013


Recently I have been doing a lot of thinking and reading and learning. Possibly unrelated to that I came up with the term Neurocomputability, and I happen to love this term and what I associate with it. This discovery might be due to The Big Bang Theory and Neuroscientist Mayim Bialik in the role of Neurobiologist Amy Farrah Fowler, but I rather believe it is due to investigating IST Austria fields of research, including Neuroscience and Computer Science.

I have been reflecting the last twelve years and it seems like all of a sudden I have some kind of a plan again. This inspiration might be due to doing Yoga on a daily basis again, but I rather believe it is due to finishing chapters.

I remember not being able to feel human. I thought of myself as a logical being, I believe I have heard something similar about Alan Turing on the radio. Early in my studies I discovered that I was missing something, logic does not cover intuition. Among other things in the years to come I learned to admire the beauty of failure. Improvising, the act of creating new music in real time, has taught me to respect intuition. A paradigm shift from logic to intuition.

I still believe in some concept of computability though, computability in a very broad sense. I believe that Neurocomputability is the science to become very popular in a not so distant future. The question is:
Which brains can we calculate and how?

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